Success is Progress, New Lead Account Executive!


This is an exciting moment for Clear vision Communications Inc. Cleveland office! We are proud to announce our newest Lead Account Executive, Aaron Cabrera! Aaron’s individualistic personality shines through everyday work, a valuable Clear Vision Cleveland team member. Born in El, Paso TX but raised in Akron OH, Aaron enjoys the art of life in any shape or form. He relishes in drawing, rapping, making beats, writing screenplays and film. Aaron goes to say, “I chose Clear Vision because after meeting Stephen I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to learn how to start and operate my own business. To give forth my best effort because I know that the sacrifice will be worth the rewards that are sure to come.” Being inspired by his 14 month old daughter, Kennedy, Aaron’s student mentality will use his success to achieve not only his true passion but launching a non-profit organization in efforts to aid urban youth find their artistic outlet! Clear Vision Communications is extremely excited to guide Aaron to perform his best endeavors and believe in his bright future within the firm. Congratulations Aaron!