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Our Roots

Clear Vision Communications was first imagined as an opportunity to find gainful employment in an industry where salespeople and employees are looked at just as numbers. Within a few short years of our launch, we’ve expanded our firm to neighboring states and began building the platform for regional growth and sustainability.


Dishonest recruiting and sales practices have contributed to the rapid dwindling of the clients trust in most direct sales companies. Of more than the just over 50 direct sales agencies left in the Midwest alone, Clear Vision Communications strives to be different – to be better. To be honest. To be credible. To create an environment where people choose to spend their time. Each member of our team is extremely proud of the work we do for our clients and our clients are just as proud and appreciative of the work we do for them. This success has allowed us to create long term stable partnerships with some of the largest organizations in their respected industries.

The security of a stable, growing revenue source has tremendous impact on the client. With increased economic power and revenue, it has allowed our clients to expand faster, and in some cases, internationally where it would not have been possible otherwise.

When the future for our commercial clients appeared most bleak, CVC’s power drive and effort helped turn it all around.

Key Values

The Heart Behind the Mission

Expansion & Growth

Currently, the Managing Partner in Independence, Stephen, is managing 12 regional offices throughout the midwest and will be expanding the midwest team to a total of 17 locations by the end of this year. Stephen only hires within, so it is required for all employees to advance and grow within the organization which allows all new employees a tremendous growth opportunity into management and upper executive positions as we grow laterally. As part of a larger organization of over 390 locations across the U.S., we are able to leverage the experience and knowledge within our company to successfully launch new locations as we grow and continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. The Clear Vision advantage is in the ability to develop and execute direct marketing strategies to acquire lifetime customers for our clients, which is the key to long-term partnerships with definite opportunities to expand within the country and overseas.

Unlimited Opportunity

We truly believe in fostering an environment where the only limits are the ones people place on themselves. We like to refer to a classic reference, Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich: “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.” We apply this philosophy in everything we do, for our clients and for our people. Opportunities are realized when there is a team of people who have the right mentality to overcome challenges and create innovative solutions. The CVC team uses effective goal-setting and planning to achieve quarterly and annual goals, which are all part of the bigger picture to provide ongoing opportunities for the future leaders within our company to develop valuable skills while advancing their professional careers.

Quality Training

The executive team at Clear Vision is dedicated to the personal and professional development of its people by integrating personalized coaching and mentorship for employees who are eager to grow with the organization long-term. A major factor that has resulted in exponential growth over the past few years has been the policy of starting everyone in an entry-level position to ensure trainers and managers are well-equipped with relevant experience, which guarantees the highest quality of training and coaching for new employees and future leaders of our business.

People Development

The strength of our organization is held together by a communal value that is woven into every aspect of our business, our people. We are confident that as long as we continue to build an impressive team of motivated, hardworking and intelligent individuals who thrive in a team-based environment, success will be inevitable. We are committed to providing the resources and tools to constantly recognize the true potential of our team. Our goal is to maintain an environment that encourages constructive criticism, constant feedback and a willingness to change for the overall benefit of the team and the future that lies ahead.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

― Mahatma Gandhi

Frequently Asked Client Questions

We’ve Got Answers

Are we currently taking on any additional clients?

Since we are projected to expand into multiple markets in the next 12-15 months, this will result in an increased demand for additional client representation. We are always open to new client opportunities and pilot programs that will allow us to hit our growth targets. For client representation inquiries, please contact us here.

What type of services do you offer your clients?

Since Clear Vision was founded, the executive and leadership teams have gained hands-on experience in a variety of marketing campaigns targeted to small and large markets. We are well-versed in Business to Business, Business to Consumer and Retail programs; however, the most valuable service we offer (regardless of campaign) is the ability to acquire lifetime customers, provide a high-quality customer service experience while immediately improving the client’s bottom line.

How many clients does Clear Vision Communications work with?

Due to confidentiality agreements with clients, we are unable to disclose specific information publicly; however, our typical clients are industry-leading organizations in the telecom, cellular, energy and renewable energy sectors. Within the next 12 months, we will be expanding our client base to include international companies in the technology industry.

What results can a client expect with Clear Vision Communications?

With the rapid evolution of technology and the way people communicate, companies are desperate to engage their target demographic. Since we are on the frontline of building rapport and creating personal relationships with potential customers, we are able to reach a wider audience more efficiently and professionally than traditional forms of advertising. With our business model, we can guarantee risk-free profits and a motivated sales force to represent any brand.

Why does CVC only sell to retail shoppers?

It’s simple: retail sales allow immediate access to hundreds of shoppers AN HOUR. The foot traffic within large retailers is unmatched and provides our clients the opportunity for increasing brand recognition and new customer acquisition generating from one centralized location (different from previous B2B & B2C campaigns we’ve worked on). With unlimited access to potential buyers who are already exercising their spending power, we deliver quantifiable results quarter after quarter.

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