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As a company trying to expand, managing sales professionals grows more complex every year. The influx of mobility, social media, and analytics in recent years provide both challenges and opportunities in nurturing an ever-changing workforce increasingly comprised of Millennials.

Add to the mix the growing popularity of game mechanics, non-cash incentives, collaboration initiatives, and the ability to drive revenue – and beat quota – becomes an environment of continuous change for modern companies.

Here at Clear Vision Communications, our professionals have won business development and acquisitions competitions, worked on social impact projects, and have helped pioneer some of the industry’s most successful marketing and sales campaigns. Our ability to retain the best and brightest professionals in the industry stems from great coaches, rigorous practice and unparalleled team camaraderie.

CVC professionals exhibit our values of respect, compassion, accountability, patience, people, and stewardship in their words and actions. Each member is conditioned in areas of consultative business/commercial sales, territory management, new business development, relationship building and market specific industry trends to ensure each client has the absolute best in their corner.

Every day, coworkers are appreciated for their efforts. We celebrate our valued team members by recognizing them in our internal communications and through quarterly luncheons, red carpet trophy events, and monetary bonuses.


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Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.

― Leo Tolstoy

Frequently Asked Career Questions

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What type of training does CVC provide?

The initial training period is approximately 5-7 days, which is a comprehensive program that combines classroom-style group lessons in an office setting—followed by one-on-one field training with an assigned mentor. This training completely covers everything that is expected from the client (product knowledge, expectations, procedures) as well internal sales systems and marketing strategies developed by CVC.

What is an average day like working at Clear Vision?

A typical day includes spending time in the office, working in a group setting, and participating in workshops and meetings geared towards sales/marketing training as well as leadership development. Depending on your position, the time invested within the office includes developing and implementing training techniques and tactics to achieve internal goals. All retail sales interactions are conducted directly in big-box retailers face-to-face with our client’s potential/current customers.

Do you have part-time positions available or internships?

We love offering students an opportunity to gain hands-on experience before earning their degree; however, we limit the amount of part-time positions and internships depending on the time of the year and the needs of the company. Any candidates who are hired on as interns or summer students will earn the opportunity to transition into a full-time position upon graduation. Please contact our HR team here for more information.

What is the compensation package for the entry-level positions?

Our compensation packages are negotiable depending on a candidate’s experience and previous salary history. The HR and management team works with an individual to create a compensation structure that best meets the needs of the candidate as well as the resources of the company. In-depth information regarding compensation is discussed with the HR Manager and Hiring Director throughout the screening process.

What is the management training program?

The Management training program is designed to offer entry-level employees an opportunity to develop skills in campaign management, leadership development, human resources, client management and advertising. This fast-track program is intended to guide an individual from entry-level to managing partner within 12-18 months.

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